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Dental Cleanings for Patients with Braces

When an individual has braces, extra attention should be given to their teeth so as to protect them from gum disease, decay, or staining. The individual should take precautions in order to avoid damaging their braces. At CKFarr we aims at helping these individuals by advising not to engage in activities such as pushing their tongue against their teeth, eating crunchy or hard food, biting their lips or chewing, or eating sweet or sticky foods.

Our dentists at CKFarr give the best advice on how these people should floss, brush, or take care of their teeth.

1. Brushing Routine

Although most dentists recommend that a person should brush their teeth at least twice in a day, people wearing braces should brush at least after every meal. This is because the food particles are easily trapped in the braces and if these particles are left for long they could result in serious dental problems. You should use electric toothbrush or a soft toothbrush that has round bristles when brushing.

First rinse your mouth with water and then pay close attention to each tooth when brushing. Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and make sure you rinse your mouth after brushing.

2. Other Cleaning Methods

Floss your teeth at least once in a day and ensure that you floss between your braces and also under their wires. For the sections that are hard to reach, using an oral irrigator could be the best option. Our dentists at CKFarr recommend the use of mouthwash which could help in killing the bacteria that could have been missed out when flossing or brushing.

Cleaning teeth is very essential since it helps in avoiding dental problems and also boosts your general body health. You should always follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure that you maintain the health of your teeth. We at CKFarr give the best advice on products to use for cleaning so that your teeth can be strong, healthy, and bright as you have always desired.